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Heartburn Explained



Heartburn, which goes under the name gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, is a common condition that affects about one in five people in the UK. It traditionally tends to affect individuals above the age of 40, but it can occur across all ages and sexes. It is not uncommon for infants to exhibit brief periods of similar symptoms. We will give an outline of the symptoms here but you can find more information at this in-dept website. Read More...

Hospital Pioneers Home HIV Tests

The Importance of HIV Diagnosis

Getting tested for HIV can be very scary; however, if you believe that you might have been exposed to the virus, it is of utter importance that you get tested immediately. If you have been tested positive, you can start treatment immediately, giving you a better chance at living a long and normal life. Early detection also helps in preventing the virus from spreading further. It is recommended to get tested at least once a year if you are partaking in activities which can lead to an HIV infection. If you believe that the chances of you becoming infected are high due to a high risk activity that you partook in, you should get tested three months after the event to verify if you have been infected. 

High risks activities include:

Orally Transmitted STI Warning

Sex ed for safety

Sex is one of the main activities of human beings and almost all of us feel a strong pull towards it; sometimes we hold it back and sometimes we don't, but the truth is that we are naturally driven to feel aroused by people we find attractive and want to have something with them. Recent changes in our culture as well as technological developments such as the infamous sex apps like Tinder have allowed sexual intercourse to become easier and more free between people. And with the increase of sexual freedom, we also see the increase of risks associated with these exchanges. 

Sexually transmitted diseases have been rising for the past few years in the United Kingdom as a result of these changes. It is the responsibility of institutions and governments to provide education on how to handle these risks and how to perform intercourse safely and/or avoid risky acts. They say that freedom comes with responsibility, so all of us also have to learn about safe sex and STIs so we can take care of ourselves and our partners. Read More...

Saxenda Launched in the UK

Medication for obesity: what it can do

Overweight and obesity are complex health problems with multiple causes and factors. As such, they are more complicated to heal since the condition must be approached with a multilevel strategy. Factors identified as obesity or overweight causes include genetics, psychological traits, trauma, bad habits, social context and underlying organic conditions. An unidimensional approach will rarely be enough to solve the problem of obesity.

The key to weight loss is a combination of exercise and a low-calorie diet, but in many cases this is very difficult to do for people with obesity problems. They need a more complete intervention in order to change their habits, their relationship with food and their self-perception of hunger and saciety. Techniques such as psychotherapy, coaching, group therapy and surgery have proven to be effective, depending on the case. Also, there is medication that people with obesity or overweight can take as an extra help for their weight loss programme. Read More...


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